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Mobile Zen Cart Installation Only


Installation Service Only:

  • upload all files
  • move shipping, payment, order total non-default files to mobile cart
  • move english.php metatags language files to mobile cart
  • update database
  • create new mobile appropriate logo from existing one or upload your new one that you provide
  • Create new ez page for footer site info link.
  • Install files for full version changes - if you want - most are not using them

The site owner will be responsible for creating/editing new define pages and providing information on the new ezpage - footer site info link.

If you have mods installed in your full cart that you want or have to have implemented in your mobile cart (for example, the newsletter subscription) you will be charged an additional $25 per mod unless the mod requires integration. If the mod does not require changes to template files, integration will probably not be required. If it does require integration, you will be charged a per hour fee.

As mods become available for the mobile, they will become available here as options as well as separate purchases in this category.

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