The Zen Cart Expert

Delia Wilson Lunsford

I'm a Zen Cart believer - not just because I work with it daily but because I chose it years ago for my own shopping cart. I compared various open source carts and concluded that Zen Cart was the best shopping cart!

What I do is actually very simple:

I install, configure, customize, and upgrade Zen Cart websites.

I have a fast-loading responsive template that is Google approved. 

I create, design and modify Zen Cart templates. Some are for sale here.

I create new mods and modify existing Zen Cart modules. Some are for sale here.

I consult, teach and train my clients about e-commerce, Zen Cart and SEO.

I take care of you and your website before, during and after your job.

What do you need today? Let me be your Zen Cart expert.

Contact me now!

See What My Customers Say...

Delia is my Zen Cart Booyah Foods go to expert!! No matter if you are a novice or seasoned "crazy" Zen Cart couture, Delia can save your butt!! I really love making cyberspace work for me and I often spend many hours changing and adjusting code until I can't see straight. One call to Delia and Booyah! it is done! I learn something everytime we talk and I am often amazed at how affordable the service is which makes the "free" Zen Cart software an excellent choice with Delia's Zen Cart help.

(By the way, you gotta check out our Booyah! Banana Pepper Mustard/Dip.)

After years of having Zen Cart problems while relying on people who supposedly knew Zen Cart, Delia came along and fixed everything. She has kept my site up and running on her hosting, trouble free for two years. That's great Zen Cart expert help!


I can not thank Delia enough for the insight and knowledge she has working with Zen Cart. I was going through a living nightmare after a hacker decided he liked our site; my old programmer just could not fix the problem.So I knew it was time to check around for another programmer that knew Zen Cart fully. After searching the internet I ran across Delia. She was very responsive and explained in full detail what needed to be done quickly to remove the hacker and make sure my site was not able to be hacked again. It's been about 6 months now and our site is hacker free and running smoothly. It is incredible the stress you feel knowing someone can break into your site and do whatever they feel like doing. I feel so secure now knowing I have Delia's Zen Cart expert help an email or phone call away.

Thank you again
American Floral Distributors

Delia really helped me out when I was in need of an ZenCart expert. Her customization expertise with this program is what I was looking for as she made changes, additions and modifications to my program that enabled me to run reports and fill orders quickly. When there was no FedEx shipping included with ZenCart I called once again for her assistance and she came through and installed the FedEx module which has improved my over all shipping and service to my customers. Delia was recommended to me by my webhosting company as the most knowledgeable ZenCart person that they knew of and she certainly proved to be more that just that. I have to call her from time to time with questions and she always provides me with just the right suggestion. If you are looking for the expert, she is your gal!

Nick Smith

After firing my first two web "experts" I found the dream web designer and Zen Cart support person in Delia. Dependable, knowledgeable, and totally accessible. I've always been on her hosting by the way. No worries now, mate!

Andree Terry
(Delia's client since 2002)

We've been using ZenCart for the past 6 years and had always had issues with it until we hired Delia to troubleshoot it. Prior to working with her we had tried working with several other programmers who were never able to give our site the attention we needed. Since she resolved several major issues with our Zen Cart site over a year ago and we switched our hosting to her, we haven't had any issues with it since. Delia has always delivered on time and on budget and we're fortunate to have found her when we did. She has saved us literally thousands of dollars and we would recommend her Zen Cart services to anyone.

Steve Pellegrino
Web Developer
L&L Publishing

I have used Delia now for a year on my Zen Cart site and thank God for someone who is ready to help and can help with all of my Zen Cart issues. I now feel completely supported and that is essential for me as a small business.


Delia is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Zen Cart web designers and admins I have found. I have used many and found they aren't nearly as proficient or expedient, which drives up the cost. I recommend Delia to anyone looking for the last Zen Cart help they will ever need.

Court Harris

When looking for a Zen Cart developer, Delia impressed me with her confidence and track record. Now near the end of our first project working together -a truly difficult one - Delia has hung in there and provided great product and service. Work with Delia, you won't be disappointed with her ability to customize Zen Cart and its templates!

Chris Rundell
Coach Marketing LLC

Wow, what wonderful Zen Cart service Delia offers! Fast, friendly, courteous and affordable. Delia went above and beyond for us! Thank you!