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What makes a good Zen Cart template besides the fact that it looks good?

  1. Overrides done properly and only for changed template files.
  2. Use of default stylesheet.css. New divs and classes only added where necessary.
  3. Use of the full default templates - changes only made for layout of elements.
  4. All features included but turned off in admin when desired. You lose no functionality.
  5. Full explanation of admin configuration changes.
  6. Use of css in lieu of images as much as possible to keep page load time down.
  7. Use of CSS buttons again to keep load time down and make changing the text on those buttons easier. No graphics means no need for image editing.
  8. Use of additional standard Zen Cart mods for good e-commerce processes, layout and information. (such as a Twitter sidebox, secure sidebox, and Facebook like button)
  9. Use of most recent Zen Cart Version 

Custom Responsive, Mobile Friendly Template

Custom Responsive, Mobile Friendly Template

Zen Cart Responsive Ready to Go Template - Fully customized and installed just for your business....


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