Zen Cart Mods

Expanding Zen Cart requires the installation of modules or plugins, many of which are found in the contributions section of the Zen Cart site.

Some of the of the Zen Cart add-ons are either outdated, buggy or otherwise compromised but not many. Being able to tell what's good and what's not, usually takes installing and risking problems with your site.

Over the years I have gained a fair amount of experience with the more common Zen Cart modules and have a solid knowledge of which to avoid and why. I've also edited some of those mods for my own use when I see the need. I haven't always had time to repackage them for uploading to ZenCart.com.

I can evaluate individual modules to see if they will work and what the possible ramifications might be.

I have updated and written Zen Cart mods and am available to write custom mods for your store.

One of the best things about Zen Cart is that most of the time your payment processor is represented there and most of the major shipping firms are integrated already. The list below includes some of my mods as well as a number of ones that are most often used.

The Zen Cart Mod List

These mods have been upgraded or are usable for the more recent versions of Zen Cart. These are the ones I've had the most requests for or that I recommend.

jQuery Slideshow*naz
Secure Sidebox*naz
Editable Sidebox
Product List Column Grid*naz
Google Analytics
Image Manager
Streamlined Checkout*

Wishlist / Bridal Registry
Google Maps on Contact page
Cross Sell
Quantity Discountss
Better Togethers

Extra Product Fields*
Extra Customer Field
How did you hear about us?
Affiliate Marketing
Links Manager
Testimonial Manager
Ceon URI Mapping (SEO)
Stock by Attributes
Ty Package Tracker
Additional Images Hover*

*Written or upgraded by Delia, naznot available on Zen Cart.com

Recommended by Coder

I recommend these other sites who not only provide free mods but sell Zen Cart Add-ons. Each of these keep up and support the modules they have written.

That Software Guy (Big Spender, Better Together Admin and many more)s

Numinix (Fast & Easy Checkout (free), Ajax edition for pay)n